Chief Executive Officer

I own and run Machine Soldiers Esports with a number very helpful staff, players and community members.  My aim is to grow Machine Soldiers Esports in a number of games competitively and as a community both on PC and consoles. I have worked with many teams from various games to try and help them to succeed both on PC and PS4. We have had success at LAN in Sweden the UK and the USA.

Management Team



Hello, my name is Diar or as referred to on the internet, Konitza. i am a 17 year old boy from the depths of balkan playing counter-strike competitively as a passion and looking to make some dreams happen, i wasn't really connected to the counter-strike franchise until i would say late 2016 when i got csgo bought for me and i started grinding it ever since, played a bit of 1.6 and no CSS at all, im here to stay in MSE.


Sir Belvedere - Trustee

Sir Belvedere (AKA Tiger) has been a long standing member of the organisation. He is currently working as our HR manager as he likes to work with teams and players at the individual level. He is here to support and make their time with us as good as it can be. He shares our vision of growing the organisation and being as competitive as possible. 

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