Whats coming up for Machine Soldiers Esports?

We are looking at a number of different things at the moment in terms of the development of the organisation. Firstly, we have been looking at the games that we support and the teams within them. Lets start with CS:GO...


Instead of having lots of different teams we are now going to focus on our main EU and LAN team Arskogen Dragons. The EU team will be representing us in ESEA Main as well as the Val League. They may participate in other leagues and cups too. We will have to wait and see. The LAN team are going to continue to play in LAN tournaments such as Adalslan. We are going to support both teams as much as we can to help them develop and improve their placements.

Call of Duty

Our Youth team is still developing and we are going to support them in a number of cups and leagues so they can gain experience against some quality opposition. We also hope to expand in this game to have a main EU team. We are on the lookout for players but we are in no rush, as we want to get players that will engage with the organisation instead of being here for the funding alone.

Dirty Bomb

Our Dirty Bomb team has become stronger over the recent weeks. We have been on the Dirty Bomb discord playing in pugs with seasoned veterans. The team has shown some real promise, we are looking forward to the release of the game on Faceit. The new partnership with Faceit for competitive play will be really good for us, as we will be able to play in cups and leagues regularly. We hope to recruit more community players from this game too, so we have a wider player pool.


An area we are wishing to develop is our stream team. At the moment we have a team of three that stream regularly via Twitch. We also have a number of players from our teams that have been getting in on the action in various games. Our CS:GO EU will be streaming regularly during the next season. We hope to get more official streams on board over the summer so look out for them and the giveaways that they will be offering.

Apparel shop

We have teamed up with Gamers Apparel, who are currently developing our store. We hope it will be up soon with a new jersey design and a number of other products that can be purchased. We will update the store with new items regularly so there might be something to interest you. A link to the store will be added to the top left of the website once it has been completed. We can't wait until it is up and running!


IMlou is our community leader and he is going to be working with the new players we bring in from a number of different games. We are looking at forming a retro gaming community for the older players that might like to play some classic games such as Enemy Territory and older Call of Duty games for fun. We are also going to be looking at some lesser known games such as Ironsight. We would like to branch out into non fps games too, so we have a wider appeal.

At the moment many know us a CS:GO organisation but this has not really been the case. We just seem to have become known for it. We want to shake off this reputation in the coming months.