We make Playoffs at Birdie Lan!

What happens at the lan?

Well, lots! Birdie LAN, Expo, concerts, computer game music, orchestra, movie viewing, e-sports, console games, demoscene, King of Nordic, Swedish championships in hockey, finals in High School, Tekken World Tour, WarFallen and much more!

Our guys arrived arrived early and started practice (see below) to make sure they were prepared for their first game in the CS:GO schools competition.

We had some really good wins meaning that we made it to the playoffs. Sadly, we ended up getting knocked out at this later stage. We are off to Dreamhack in a couple of weeks so are hopeful we will use this experience to improve at our next LAN.


Alfons " LolipopXuZ " Peace Albin " Clearso " Almgren Jacob " Raven " Lodin Olle " Mahki " Johansson Thor " Graff " Lindström