Steam Link Review

I don't know about you but I had been thinking about getting a steam link for a while as I like the idea of being able to stream some games to the big TV that are played better with a controller. Well, in the latest quick sale I managed to pick the steam link up for 80 pence by buying the game flat fall (see bellow). In total I paid around £14 as shipping costs needed to be added. It took 4 days for the device to arrive, which I thought was pretty impressive. It was shipped via GLS and it could be tracked all the way to the front door!

The box is nice and it contains a charger that has some many different options to change it for whatever country you are in. It also provides you with an Ethernet cable and a HDMI cable so you have everything you need to get your TV and PC connected.

My router is near the TV so it was easy to set up, but you may need to invest in a longer Ethernet cable as streaming wirelessly using the steam link will vary greatly depending on your home setup/ internet speeds. I used the wire connection and I have to admit I was impressed from the word go. As soon as all of the cables were plugged in my TV recognised it was connected and turned itself on. It ran some updates, then asked me to select my computer of choice from my network. I then had sync the devices with a code so they were okay to speak to each other.

I selected my chosen PC and the Big picture steam overlay ran on my TV. I then had access to all of the games on my PC. I tried GTA 5 first as I thought that would test the stream, but it ran effortlessly in 60FPS. I genuinely forgot I was playing it via my computer rather than on a console. I used an Xbox one controller as this is what I normally use on my PC. I did not experience any input lag or stuttering but I am using quite a high spec computer for gaming (see details below). I have tried about 6 games so far and all of them have worked really well. Not all games are suited to running on the big screen but some definitely benefit from it such as Rocket League, PES, GTA 5 and Shadow of war, from my experience so far.

What I really love is that you can connect a mouse and keyboard and stream your PC desktop to your front room by just closing/ minimising steam. My only issue with this was that I am running three screens so it only streamed the primary display, but you can't have everything. I genuinely wish I bought this earlier but have to admit the £50 price tag has always seemed a bit steep to me.

Some positives

  • Good controller support

  • Easy to setup

  • It's tiny!

  • All you need in one box

Some negatives

  • Not all games work on it or feel suitable

  • Not 4K for those that want to stream in higher resolutions

PC details for this review

  • Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

  • Intel Core i7 5930K

  • X99-S (SOCKET 2011)

  • 32GB DDR4

  • Zotac GTX 1080TI Extreme


  • Netgear VMDG480 / CG3101D (very old)


  • Samsung: UE55F8000