Redout Enhanced Edition

Redout is a tribute to the old racing monsters such as F-Zero, WipeOut, Rollcage, and POD. It is designed to be an uncompromising, fast, tough and satisfying driving experience, soaked in that vertigo that stands at the core of the arcade racing genre. 

The floating system and driving models are based on physics: each turn, slope, hard braking, acceleration, each turn and twist of the track will apply a unique force to the ship.

A sharp low-polygon style blends meshes and terrains with the latest state-of-the-art shading and lighting effects provided by the Unreal Engine 4, creating beautiful and instantly recognisable aesthetics. Breezy coastlines, eerie frozen landscapes, vast desert plains: the melancholic, dystopian atmosphere of a semi abandoned Earth is the background for the most high-speed, tense and beautiful futuristic racing clashes.(Source: Steam Store)


Redout is a racing game developed by an Italian indie studio named 34bigthings. IT is basically a fast racing game in the style of Whipeout from the PlayStation 1. As you can see from the clip above the gamer is graphically stunning. If you're like us, and looking for a new F-Zero or Xtreme G or something like that, this'll scratch that itch. Make no mistake about it, Redout is FAST.

The game has over one hundred career mode events cover a wide variety of game modes. For example, time trials, tournament races and survival events. It’s sure to take quite a few hours to finish off and does a great job of introducing the player to the game’s mechanics, which can be difficult at first.

The AI in Career Mode is challenging to say the least. They are very aggressive and rarely commit mistakes. This does provide some challenge for the player though! Redout’s multiplayer component currently consists of online racing which works well despite the game not having a massive player base at this moment in time. Sadly, the game does not feel enough like the Whipeout games if that was the experience you were looking for.

If you have a PS4 I would get the Omega version of Whipeout as this still sets the standard! The developers are still working with the community so hopefully, we will see better controller support and development of the AI and the controls.


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

  • OS: Windows 10 o Processor: i5 2.6Ghz o Memory: 8 GB RAM

  • Graphics: GTX 960 or equivalent o DirectX: Version 11

  • Storage: 6 GB available space


“Redout delivers excitement I haven’t felt since Nintendo released the last great F-Zero title over a decade ago. I don’t know if it’s the best racer I’ve ever played, but it’s almost certainly the most exhilarating, and earns its place among the very games it takes inspiration from.” 9.5 / 10 – Game Critics

“Fast, hard and really impressive, Redout is a perfect heir to the greatest arcade racing games. A delightful challenge that will test your skills and it will cause to overflow your adrenaline.” 9 / 10 – Meristation

“We are looking at an AG Racer which quality level is outstanding” 8.9 / 10 – Everyeye