MSE start new season in the Northern Region Svenska Elitseien

We have just started our second season in the Northern Region of the Svenska Eliterien. Our team managed to get promoted at the end of last season, meaning that we are now in division two. you can check out our team on our roster, under the Teams tab at the top of the website.

What is the Swedish Elitserien?

A total of 540 players in 108 teams have qualified and placed in three different series levels;

  • Elitserien (12 teams)

  • Region series (12 layers x 4 regions)

  • The Challenger series (12 teams x 4 regions)

In Elitserien, the top 4 teams go to Elitserien's playoffs where you compete for the big prize money. In the playoffs, Elitserien's 4 best team is playing the final at Inferno Online, the world's largest gaming center on December 8th. Each team receives a package worth 50,000 SEK that will cover travel, accommodation, transfer, player activities, food and more. (Source: eportal)