MSE making moves in the Denmark & EU Fortnite scene

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Our Fortnite manager Oliver has been working hard to to devlop the Fortnite division of Machine Soldiers Esports. His signings of Jorberry and t0nse have been fantastic additions to our rosters.

Firstly, we would like to say well done to t0nse, for being up there with the Fnatic player Jarl in Season 5 Duo wins with a whopping 148 wins ranking the second best in Denmark (see image below) and top 20 in Europe. He has been playing really well and has well over 1400 wins in the game. He has being playing well regularly in the UMG leagues placing in the top two regularly.

As you can see above our Fornite manager has been playing well as he has moved up to 8th in Denmark too. Jordberry does not appear on the list as he uses a number of accounts for his streams but he has ranked up a similar number of wins as t0nse.

Our aim in the following weeks and months is to enter new leagues and win more tournaments, building the Machine Soldiers brand.

Jordberry has a very popular twitch stream. You can catch him here most nights. He is getting close to 4000 followers and has over 32, 000 views!

We continue to try and find the best players we can to join our community. If you think you have got what it takes, please contact our Fortnite manager Oliver (aka Imlou) using the following email address: