Two 5th place finishes in the Red Bull Sphere Wars Cup

Updated: Jul 24

We placed 5th in the last two Red Bull Sphere Wars Community Cups on April the 1st and the 2nd of May 2020.

The cup is run by Red Bull Gaming Sphere London, the UK's largest free public esports studio. They host regular tournaments, training sessions for pro gamers and special workshops for amateurs. The Rainbow Six Siege, Red Bull Sphere Wars Cup is growing in popularity and draws in good viewing figures on Twitch.

The format of the competition is double elimination and is was casted by experienced talent incluing Jessica Bolden, Tim Leaver, Will Donaldson and Ghassan Finge. We performed consistently over the two events and are looking to make it into the top 4 next Month. A particular highlight from the events was beating Penta's female team 7-0.

To catch up on the action you can see the brackets and placements on