Meet our player Anthrax11

What game do you play?

I play CS:GO!

What position/role do you play in?

IGL or Lurker, that´s what i feel comfortable in.

Which team are you in?


Who is your favourite professional player?

rain and s1mple.

What has been you best personal performance in game?

40:18 xD

Best gaming moment you witnessed as a player or a viewer?

LG surprisingly winning against Navi in Columbus, amazing!

Where do you think Esports or your particular game is headed?

In the right direction, growing and growing, especially with jay z and steve aoki investing :D

Is there anything that bothers you with Esports or your game?

toxicity D:

What’s your training regimen like?

train, train and train, be the best you can be.

Have you ever considered switching games?

nope. i focus on getting the best i can be at one game!

How do you stay motivated to keep playing? Do you ever get bored of your game?

I´m motivated to grind and improve, that´s why im constantly playing dm!

What are your long-term aspirations in Esports?

get some money of sponsors, that´s a dream! Not the money, just the fact you get sponsored :D

Are you planning on attending or competing at any upcoming events?

yes i am, some German lans :D

Where can people find out more about you?

on my twitter, go follow it to keep up to date with MSe.Lore @mse_anthrax

Tell us something about you that is not gaming related…

I drink 4 actimels a day xD