MSE Crimson make ESEA Intermediate in CS:GO and are still in a chance of making the Main League!

We are proud to announce that our CS:GO Team Crimson has managed to beat Legion Gaming 2 -0 tonight meaning that the team has made the Intermediate League. If they manage to get 2 more wins, they have the chance to go on to play in the Main league. We are very proud of the teams achievements so far and hope it continues.

What happened in the match against Legion Gaming, I hear you ask? Well, in the first match it was closely contended. Our team pulled it back near the end to win 19-16. Divine95 played really well for the opposition, but overall as a team we came through getting the all important first match win.

The second game was also a tight affair with our boys taking it 16-14. Moose and M4ZING played really well to get an ADR of over 90. They really stepped it up in this match, guaranteeing us a space in the Intermediate League. We will update you in the next few weeks to see if the team can make the Main league.