Machine Soldiers intro video history!

We have just launched our latest introduction video for online platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. Please feel free to check it out below.

However, we have had many introduction videos over the years and we are going to take a look at a few. The first video was our very first attempt at an introduction video, when we were known as MSeports. Looking back, it looks a bit like the transformers logo. This wasn't our intention, but ultimately how it ended up.

We decided that we wanted an 80's style video as many of us were enjoying the game Party hard and Drive out. It provides a VHS tape style that has some very bad tracking on it!

The next video was called Smashed. This was basically our mascot and name being smashed into a wall with some flame effects. A very simple video but it was fairly effective.

More recently we have been looking at adding introductions for individual players. This is mine below. It fits in with the new style that we introduced in the organisation's 2018 introduction video (at the top of this article), allowing me to link the videos together easily without losing the Machine Soldiers style.

We have also been lucky as our caster ExHiTe created an introduction video for our twitch streams for that all important countdown to a match start. You can check it out below from one of our CS:GO matches. It includes footage of many of our players as well as 3D render of our mascot.