Battalion 1944: New 2005 style FPS game

Battalion 1944 is a competitive FPS game that captures the core of classic multiplayer shooters and revives 'old school' FPS games for the next generation of gamers. Inspired by games like Call of Duty 2, Enemy Territory, and Quake. Battalion 1944 entered early access on Steam on February 1, Bulkhead Interactive and Square Enix Collective have announced. In addition, the World War II-based shooter is receiving an exclusive beta later this month.

Check out the action below;

Battalion 1944 will cost just £11.99 when it launches next year in Early Access - less than the price of the crowdfunded game's lowest Kick starter pledge. In Europe that's €14.99, or in the US that's $14.99. Those who have already paid more for the game via Kick starter will get unique skins and cosmetic-focused loot crates. Why not give the game a try? It has some issues at this moment in time but as the game gets closer to launch I am sure that they will get ironed out. I miss the 2005 style shooters so I am looking forward to putting some hours into this one!

Check out the video of how the game was made;