Dirty Bomb Settings

In this guide I am going to explain some things that you can do to make Dirty Bomb run a little smoother without making too many changes to your settings. These changes are not aimed at making a potato config but a smoother game and some useful information.

How to cap fps for 120 herzt and 144 Hertz monitors?

You can’t do this using the console. You need to go to the following folder and opent he shooter ini file;

C:/Users//Documents/My Games/UnrealEngine3/ShooterGame/Config

[Engine.Eninge] (Dirty Bomb default)


MinSmoothedFrameRate= Value

MaxSmoothedFrameRate= Value

[UnrealEd.EditorEngine] (Settings for 144 hertz)

Make them:


MinSmoothedFrameRate= 140

MaxSmoothedFrameRate= 145

This will provide a much smoother experience within the game.

How can I check my FPS and latency information using the console?

Well, type: Stat_FPS into the console and you will see a monitor appear to the right of the screen.

How do I change the scaling?

by default the game scales looking up, make sure you set these in your ShooterInput.ini in users/mygames/shootgamer/config

LookRightScale=0 LookUpScale=-0 bEnableMouseSmoothing=false