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We are looking for a PC or PS5 team to represent us. Please apply via the link at the top of our homepage.

Promoted to Esea main

We won our playoff games and have been promoted!


We finished 8 -4 in ESEA intermediate and made the playoffs! We will update you if we make it into main!

ESL win!

We beat an advanced CSGO team in the ESL Benelux Championship and are close to making the LAN!

Qualified ESL BeNeLux

We made it through the qualification stage, so we are now playing CSGO in the ESL.

Winners TITAn Series

The Grand Final of the Titan Series, as we upset the Season 7 champions PretorianEsport in a 3-1 victory.

3rd place in ESC

Week 3 is over andd we are currently in 3rd place with two weeks to go until the playoffs!

2nd place

We ended up in 2nd place in Season 1 of the Titan series. It was a tough match and we hope to come back and win it next season!

semi-final winners

We just made it to the final of the Talent League Titan series with a win over qvG esports! Check out the cast of the 2-0 win here: click

ESEA update

We are currently 6-6-0 in the ESEA intermediate and looking to close the season out with another win!

new USA store

We have opened a new apparel store in the USA that is based in the East Coast.

2nd place

Sadly, we lost to mouseplayz in the final of the league. It was the best of three and we lost 2-1. Well done to the team for making it to the final, hopefully, we will do one better next time!

secsgo Challenger series

Our Arskogen Dragons team have been building on their recent success, having won three LANS in the last few weeks (Sandlan, Catch the night and DG) in CS:GO, by winning the Svenska Elitserien tier three.


We had some really good wins meaning that we made it to the playoffs. Sadly, we ended up getting knocked out at this later stage. We are off to Dreamhack in a couple of weeks so are hopeful we will use this experience to improve at our next LAN.

Call of Duty London

Call of Duty World League, Presented by PlayStation 4, was hosted by Gfinity, the third open event of the 2019 Call of Duty World League season. The event took place at the 7,500 capacity Copper Box Arena in London running 3rd-5th May! Click here to read more.

2nd place

One of our key female CS: GO team players recently entered a 1v1 cup to home her skills and continue the training the players have been doing over the last month. She played well in the cup and managed to secure second place, beating some class opposition you would like to find out more, you can see who she was up against in the link: click here

Our CEO Co-owns Nerd Rage

Our CEO John Kavanagh has agreed terms with Nerd Rage Pro and has become a co-owner. He will be taking on the role as Esports Manager for the organisation working with the teams and helping with marketing as the brand looks to move forward.