Updated: Feb 13, 2018

After two successful seasons in the Val league where we finished 4th last time closely missing out on third and 5th the time before. We have decided to enter three teams to enjoy the competition. This time we will have Blaze, eXHileUK and Lore are all taking part. As you can see below there are a number of recognised organisations that take part in this competition.

We hope to stream a number of the matches in the coming weeks via our Twitch Channel. We will also be hosting the Val League Twitch if you would like to see any of the matches that they broadcast. Check out our Twitch Channel here: TWITCH


What groups are our teams in? Well thankfully we have managed to avoid each other as that would have been annoying. There are four groups in total and we appear in groups two to four. In group two our UK based team is facing a tough challenge with teams such as Animosity and Public Enemy.

Our team Blaze has a quite a few tough teams to face. This will have an added challenge as the team has been looking for an IGL to make sure they are able to compete. Hopefully, we will get the final piece of the team sorted soon so they will be ready for the first match.

Finally, Lore are in group four. I think this will be a tough group as we have played Dukes last season and it went to extra time. This was against our Team Guin, who are now concentrating on the ESEA League while they develop a new roster.

It will be hard to match the success we had in the league this time as we have some very new rosters as we had to implement some changes. Hopefully, we be competitive and maybe surprise a few teams. Good luck guys!

Well Camcamzoro certainly knows how to get the Dirty Bomb look.

If you are interested in Cosplay you should check her out on https://www.instagram.com/camcamzorocosplay/

We have to admit we are very impressed by her latest attempts, as we are fans Dirty Bomb here at Machine Soldiers Esports. It really is hard to tell the difference between her and the real proxy below. Excellent job and looks like all the hard work has been worth it.

What game do you play?

I play CS:GO!

What position/role do you play in?

IGL or Lurker, that´s what i feel comfortable in.

Which team are you in?


Who is your favourite professional player?

rain and s1mple.

What has been you best personal performance in game?

40:18 xD

Best gaming moment you witnessed as a player or a viewer?

LG surprisingly winning against Navi in Columbus, amazing!

Where do you think Esports or your particular game is headed?

In the right direction, growing and growing, especially with jay z and steve aoki investing :D

Is there anything that bothers you with Esports or your game?

toxicity D:

What’s your training regimen like?

train, train and train, be the best you can be.

Have you ever considered switching games?

nope. i focus on getting the best i can be at one game!

How do you stay motivated to keep playing? Do you ever get bored of your game?

I´m motivated to grind and improve, that´s why im constantly playing dm!

What are your long-term aspirations in Esports?

get some money of sponsors, that´s a dream! Not the money, just the fact you get sponsored :D

Are you planning on attending or competing at any upcoming events?

yes i am, some German lans :D

Where can people find out more about you?

on my twitter, go follow it to keep up to date with MSe.Lore @mse_anthrax

Tell us something about you that is not gaming related…

I drink 4 actimels a day xD

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