Fornite Duos PC/PS4 - 24/08/2018

Welcome, we are hosting our first tournament very shortly and to mark the occasion we have made it free to enter! 

All the details on how to participate and what you can win are outlined below! We will have a regularly updated bracket that will appear here: Click me when the tournament starts. As it is our first tournament we may need to update this page, but we will make an effort to keep you up to date via social media.


How to enter?

To register send an e-mail to with the following information;

Individual Epic account names

Your Duo team name

Entry will be confirmed via e-mail ASAP, please be patient :)


The gamemode


Players from both teams should add each other on PSN/Epic Games, create a party and play the Squad gamemode. The duo with most kills in the match will be declared the winner.


How to report match result:


Take a screenshot of the ending result and send it to,



After each match, you must ensure you take proof otherwise you may not be awarded the win (don’t forget, that the admin was not in-game and does not know what happened – you must be able to convince them).


When taking proof, please ensure you take the following:


Final placement

Final number of kills

Proof that your opponent has died and their number of kills


False Reporting


If you lose your game, please fairly report your loss. All that is going to happen, is you will be disqualified from the tournament.



Cheating Teams caught cheating, glitching, hacking or abusing in-game mechanics in any way, will get disqualified and barred from future tournaments.



The No Show grace period time is 20 minutes after the match's original start time. This means, teams have 20 minutes from the match scheduled time to send a friend request, accept the friend request and join the game. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit. To report a no show please provide evidence and send it to


Intentional Team-Killing


Teams may work together however, members are not allowed to cause the death of any opponent they're competing against. This includes destroying structures, making them fall, or any other act that may interfere with your opponents game. Proof of a player destroying their opponents structures, or any other method of sabotage, will result in a forfeit.




If both teams obtain the same amount of kills in a game, the player or duo who lives longer will be awarded the win.


In the unlikely event that the game is won and all players survive, and all players/teams have the same amount of kills, the team that made the final kill will win the game