dez0h_ - Lead Designer

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Hi! I'm Dezoh aka Sascha. I'm 21 & currently trying to master the science of streaming. I'm playing games such as CS:GO, Fortnite & other FPS games. Sometimes I'm talking german, depending on who I'm playing with, but I always trying to reply if you're asking something :)


Ryan - Designer

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Hello, my name is Ryan James Buchanan, I am 20 years old and I'm currently studying graphic design in college and have been designing for 6 years. I look to progress into more of a professional advertisement, I look to do this when I graduate from college and will look to progress to university to study more and get my qualifications.


Amy - Designer

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Hello, I am Amy and I have joined the Machine Soldiers Esports Design team. I am looking forward to working on a number of projects and developing my own portfolio. Hope you enjoy my work!  

To see my portfolio click here


TGR - Designer

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Hi, I am  going to be supporting Machine Soldiers with Twitter banner designs as well as working on avatars for people to use on various social media platforms. I really enjoy design and I can't wait for you guys to see what I come up with!